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Conservative Code is a software development consulting firm. Founded in 1995, we provide custom software development and project management on specialized corporate and government projects. Our focus is probably yours as well -- conservative-minded applications and websites.

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Over the years, we have worked with major financial institutions; pharmaceutical companies; large communication firms, such as AT&T and Lucent; as well as city and state government agencies. We have provided complete software development and project management initiatives, and also shrink-wrapped tools to these firms. We have equipped Fortune 500 organizations with long term systems integration plans and implemented these plans for them.

Tools and Methodologies

Storm WebOS Google Android iPhone Windows Mobile Symbian
Storm WebOS Google Android iPhone Windows Mobile Symbian

Some of the technologies and tools utilized include software development packages such as HTML5, FLASH, AIR, Microsoft C#, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, C, C++, ASP, Sybase, DB/2, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle. The networking environments that we have helped to set up include Windows Server, IIS, Apache, LINUX (and *NIX variants), OS/400, and most mobile OS platforms.

We were one of the first firms integrating pda (handheld) and web-based applications, with our first such offering in 1998.

We are a member of the Android developer program, a Hewlett Packard partner, a Symbol (bar coding) partner program for handheld development, a Symbian SprintPCS partner and a member of the Sun Developer Program.

We use AGILE application development methodologies, applied to constructing software, which greatly increases our reaction time and also helps to ensure that all client needs are met. We use a similar iterative process to perform business analysis and workflow documentation, which again, means that our customers get more of what they actually need in the final result.

Our consultants are known in the industry and are not "learning while they work". This allows us to provide expert analysis as well as very timely delivery schedules -- that are met with actual deliveries as scheduled. Our consulting staff skills include project management, business analysis, software development, database construction and integration, infrastructure planning, tool assessment, World Wide Web architecture, platforms and development.

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Our Conservative Book Recommendations

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